Curbside Delivery Procedure

The image above shows the proper unloading technique for a Curbside Delivery. Goods should be placed on concrete, asphalt, or pavement, not on soft or unstable ground. This includes grass, rocks, pebbles, mud, gravel or dirt. Doing so will ensure that crates do not move, fall, or damage if left for extended periods of time. Pallet check can only move on concrete, asphalt or hard paver ground.

Please, answer the following questions and let us know by calling the phone number, sending fax, or sending e-mail below.

1. Do you have a forklift / bobcat?

2. Do you have suitable ground for curbside delivery?

3. Do you have a person / employed to take the delivery?

For curbside delivery form please click here to Download PDF

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 201-507-9090

Fax: 201-507-9595